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Es gibt fast nichts, was es bei AERTiCKET nicht gibt - wenn man einmal von den klassischen Mallorca Pauschalreisen absieht.  

The AERTiCKET Group includes a number of companies with a wide variety of specialisations, which combine the core business of air ticket wholesaling.

Marion Lützen, Geschäftsführerin AERTiCKET Conso GmbH

Full Service & full Content: Unser größter Consolidator

The Consolidator

Our biggest consolidator is AERTiCKET Conso GmbH. This company takes care of ticketing, global ticketing, ADM and refund, group bookings, offers a 7/24h service, sales and offers support for the flight business for several customers.

AERTiCKET Conso GmH is a unique consolidator with an incredible variety of products. The company sells tickets and fares from meanwhile 70 countries (an offer which is constantly being extended), works with four GDS systems, has several direct connections and local GDS systems such as Travelsky (China), Sirena (Russia), Troya (Turkey) and offers many other special features. AERTiCKET Conso GmbH has the most experienced flight specialists in Germany - if not the most experienced flight specialists worldwide. Tickets are issued day and night in various countries for numerous small and many very large agencies.

Aus Kreuzberg in die weite Welt: Unsere internationalen Partner

The worldwide partners

In addition to AERTiCKET Conso GmbH, another twelve consolidators from Germany, the United States, France, Spain and Austria belong to the AERTiCKET Group. Some operate completely on their own, but most are joint ventures operated by AERTiCKET together with experienced partners or travel agency cooperations. 

Some consolidators are all-rounders, some are specialised in ethnic business. The largest consolidator is Picasso Travel / Panorama Travel in the USA with headquarters in Los Angeles and New York City.

Die Vorteile einer starken Gemeinschaft: Gute Konditionen

Um Flugeinkauf, Produkt und Marketing für die AERTiCKET-Gruppe kümmert sich die AFL Linienflugeinkaufs-GmbH in Berlin. 

Geschäftsführerin Katja Polakowski und ihr Kollege Lars Holling handeln mit unseren nationalen und internationalen Airline-Partner jährlich Tarife und Konditionen aus. Die gebündelte Einkaufsmacht der gesamten AERTiCKET-Gruppe sorgt dabei für ein solide Verhandlungsposition.

Für die Distribution, das tägliche Updaten und die Qualitätskontrolle dieser Tarife in allen Datenbanken und Buchungssystemen der Firmengruppe ist AFL dann ebenfalls verantwortlich.  

Das Marketing Team schaltet Banner, verschickt Newsletter, organisiert Präsentationen und Events - und sorgt so bei Airlines für Umsatzsteigerungen und versorgt AERTiCKET-Agenturen mit aktuellen Updates und Angeboten.



Wie alles anfing: Gründer und CEO Rainer Klee 

Eine für alle: IT,  Technologie und Software-Entwicklung

Services, Technology & Development

The AERTiCKET headquarters in Berlin is home to teams that work for the entire group of companies. Controlling and accounting are the first to be mentioned, followed by purchasing/product and IT.

Web development, a team that develops and manages the group's 30 websites, is based in Berlin. The AERTiCKET subsidiary aic, which develops our Cockpit Booking World, is located in Berlin as well.


Gewusst wie: Die Tarifspezialist*innen von airfair

The tariff specialists

AERTiCKET's affiliate airfair has been Europe’s quality leader in fare filing for over 20 years. We are based in Berlin but we operate remotely worldwide. Airfair manages fares for airlines, consolidators, online travel agencies and tour operators across the globe. 

At airfair, we understand the market from all angles because we deliver our services in two directions: to airlines and to resellers at different points of sale worldwide.


Ausgewiesene Flugprofis: Koch Übersee

The travel agency with which everything started

The consolidator AERTICKET was created in 1993 out of Titanic Reisen. More than 30 years later, ATR runs several travel agencies in Berlin under various brands and has an office in Kempten specialising in first and business class fares.  With Koch Übersee, a Hamburg-based travel agency with a long tradition is added to its portfolio. Koch Übersee counts customers with purchasing power among its clientele. The company travel service BTO24, based in Hamburg and Berlin, completes ATR's portfolio.

Bekannte Marken und exellentes Know How: Die Reisebüros und Reiseveranstalter von NTRV

Das Multichannel Reisebüro

Travel Overland is a successful, Germany-wide operating and dynamic individual travel specialist. The chain operates travel agency branches in Hamburg, Bremen, Berlin, Augsburg and Munich and runs a powerful online presence.

Since our foundation 40 years ago, we have developed from the "first special office for globetrotters" to the leading provider of reasonably priced flights and components for individual travel worldwide. The introduction of new, innovative reservation systems and Tools and the offered Full content at best prices, facilitate the consultation of our customers and make our service unbeatable. Our goal is to become the most innovative travel agency chain, combining technical progress and full content combined with the promise of excellent service.

In July 2019, we founded the Travel Overland Academy together with the Munich Academy, the German branch of Academic Work.

The aim is to enable graduates to change careers in the travel industry within ten weeks. An employment contract with Travel Overland or our shareholder AERTiCKET will be awaiting them.

Please click here to learn more (in German only).

Paketieren leicht gemacht: Unser dynamischer Veranstalter

The Tour Operator

AERTiCKET also owns Select Reisen, a tour operator specialising in really exclusive tours. New in the group is Cockpit Holidays Service. This is a tour operator that offers the packaging of travel services of all kinds into individual trips.