Our company / Certified and guaranteed: service quality and environmental management at AERTiCKET

Guaranteed & certified: 
service quality and environmental protection

Service quality and environmental protection management of AERTiCKET Conso GmbH are certified according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 since the beginning of 2022

Efficient processes provide the best service

Our customers know and cherish our service. With us, they are supported by experienced tourism travel agents who know all the challenges and pitfalls of booking flights from many years of experience. We do not have anonymous call centers and no one has to listen to the music on hold for endless hours.

In order to not only maintain this high level of service, but to continuously improve it, we operate an efficient quality management system.

We had the effectiveness of our optimized processes certified by the experts of DEKRA according to ISO 9001 in February 2022. 


Sustainable environmental management and efficient use of resources help secure our future

A forward-looking corporate philosophy is more than just the pursuit of purely economic goals. We make our own contribution to improving or preventing social problems and protecting the environment.

Environmental and climate protection is a very high priority for us. Rainer Klee, founder and CEO of AERTiCKET, describes this as follows: "We are all facing the urgent task of stopping climate change. Without sustainable management, no tourism company will survive in the long run."

Our handling of resources, the measures taken at our company to protect the environment - from waste separation and the avoidance of pointless printing to the generation of our own electricity at our Berlin headquarters - were certified by DEKRA to ISO 14001 in February 2022.