We are around 430 people, we speak 44 languages and work in 20 locations worldwide.


Sieben Kolleginnen und Kollegen sprechen über ihre Arbeit bei AERTiCKET. 

Living & working

We all spend more time in the office than at home, and yet most offices are at best functional, at worst places that have been designed with no love. A serious mistake, because the spaces we work in influence our ways of working: "Small buildings breed mean vision," as Nelson Rockefeller said.


Sitting is the new smoking

Sitting for hours on end isn't good for you - we're doing something about it.

We have our own stylish gym, we offer free sports courses and medical back massages, and we organise eye tests and vaccinations for all employees several times a year.

We don't just work together, we also eat together

Fresh meals are cooked every day and lunch is served free of charge for everyone. And all day long there's coffee, tea and fruit - as much as your heart desires.

Let's make the world a better place

For AERTiCKET, future-oriented corporate policy is more than just the pursuit of purely economic goals. We want to take responsibility within the scope of our possibilities and make our own contribution to improving or preventing grievances.

Together with our business partners, such as the AER Kooperation, we therefore support the humanitarian children's relief organization terre des hommes. More than ten years ago, we expanded this support into a firm partnership and together with terre des hommes we launched the project "Protecting children in holiday destinations".

For four years we have also entered into a direct cooperation with terre des hommes. Our aim is to support selected projects sustainably and above all in the longer term - over a period of several years.

For two years now, we have been concentrating on two projects in El Salvador and in Colombia. Both projects have again been successful in the second year, enabling us to support many children and their families through educational and nutritional measures.