AER Academy

Conditions of participation

A clear basis is needed for safeguarding the safety of all parties involved. Please read the following lines carefully.

"The training went great, thanks a thousand for the helpful tips!!"

The organizer of the seminars is AERTiCKET GmbH, headquartered in Berlin.

The seminar fee is charged by invoice and must be paid by the payment date indicated. There is no entitlement to participate in the event until credited to a bank account of AERTiCKET GmbH.

The minimum number of participants is five. AERTiCKET GmbH shall be entitled to cancel the training up to one day before the date of the event if the minimum number of participants is not reached.

If a computer system or one of the applications offered therein is not available during a seminar for reasons beyond AERTiCKET GmbH's control, there is no right of recourse.

If the participant withdraws from the event seven days before the event begins, cancellation fees of 100 % per registered participant will be charged for on-site training courses and EUR 15 for online training courses.

The cancellation must be made in writing (e. g. by e-mail). Decisive for the expiry of the deadlines is the receipt of the cancellation. If you should be able to name a substitute person who agrees in writing to take over your seminar place, no fees will be charged.

Non-appearance (No Show) at an event is not a cancellation. In this case, the invoice amount is due in full.

Cancellation and simultaneous registration for a new seminar date do not release you from the payment of the above mentioned cancellation fees.

The payment of a cancellation fee does not entitle you to demand partial services, e. g. in the form of copies of teaching materials.