From a ticket wholesaler to an all-round service provider

20 years ago, we were all about tickets, tickets, tickets. Today AERTiCKET AG is a modern full service provider. We purchase flight tickets centrally and organize their sale; we provide IT and database services; we function as an IATA agent for travel agencies and tour operators, and we offer our customers a full range of fulfillment services for the travel industry.

From a travel agency to a full service consolidator

Titanic Reisen was founded in 1988, and it immediately began cooperating with a network of travel agencies numbering 40 at that time; this was the precursor of the AER Reisebüro cooperation network. From 1991, Titanic began increasingly issuing tickets for the 40 network members. In 1993, AER Reiseservice GmbH was founded together with the network. AER stands for ‘working group for European travel companies’ in German. The precursor organization has the legal form of a registered association and was founded in 1987, and today it is a federation of companies and enterprises, comprising almost 800 independent travel agencies and serving its members’ interests alone. AER GmbH soon won important contracts and in its first few years it mainly operated on behalf of all its members.

 In 1996, an agreement was made with STA Travel that we should cease selling student tickets, and in return, STA became a shareholder of AER GmbH and its consolidator was integrated in AER. This resulted in an extension of our clientele to include all STA agencies and, shortly after that, the market in general.

In 1998, we took over smaller consolidators in Hamburg, Hanover, Frankfurt and Mainz, and laid the foundations for a network of branch offices with the aim of making sure we remain close to our customers. Travel Overland, which today belongs to the Otto Touristik group, also became one of our shareholders.

In the following four years, we opened further branches in Nuremberg, Munich and Essen, and the consolidator of SIXT AG was integrated into AER GmbH in 2002. As part of this process, AER Reiseservice GmbH (limited liability company) was transformed into AERTiCKET AG (plc).

While other sales organizations were born out of a top-down philosophy and are owned by large tourism groups, banks or private individuals, AERTiCKET is different. Our company was the result of a bottom-up development process to respond to the needs of travel agencies; other travel agency organizations joined gradually as shareholders and customers. This is why we have always focused consistently on the needs of our customers.