Are you a professional in tourism, but do not use a CRS?

Our flight booking engine Fare Wizard is based on Amadeus, but it can be used more easily and offers some features of which you have only dreamt so far:

  • Searching for fares according to regions
  • Fares ex abroad (currently from the US, India, Switzerland and Austria)
  • Low cost carriers
  • Booking management with resubmission function

No cryptic entries are necessary and all functions are controlled via the graphic user interface using the mouse.

After booking a flight, all processes are displayed at once on the booking management screen and can be forwarded to us to issue the tickets at the click of your mouse.

We offer regular, free-of-charge online training courses to help our new and existing customers use the Fare Wizard more easily.

Preview Cockpit new IBE
Preview Cockpit new IBE