Explorer Fernreisen

Explorer Fernreisen was founded in 1970 by Rolf Bienert under the name "Explorer Afrika Expeditionen" as Germanys first tour operator offering trips across Africa. Within few years, the company emerged as a global tour operator for long-haul travel.
Since this time, Explorer has also been acting as a flight ticket consolidator for many travel agencies in Germany an more european countries. Now, Explorer Fernreisen GmbH & Co. KG is a successful tour operator with nine branches in Germany.
The world of long-haul travel is presented in six catalogues – from Oceania over Asia and Africa to North America. Altogeher, the company offers trips on more than 1.500 catalogue pages, which makes it one of Germanys biggest long-haul travel suppliers.


STA Travel

Nowadays, travellers want to experience the world individually following the slogan "Today in Asia, tomorrow in Australia and the day after tomorrow in South America". STA Travel reacts to these different travel wishes with custom-made products, offering young people the possibility to discover the world at preferably low prices.
The six catalogues contain induvidual packages or components, classified after destinations. The range of products extends from round-the-world-tickets over adventure trips to different accomodations and welcome packages for city travellers. STA Travel Group has presences in more than 80 countries and is a worldwide acting supplier of low priced flight tickets, hotels, hostels, adventure trips, language trips, work & travel-programs, package tours, rental cars, bus and rail tickets and travel insurance.