Annual Report 2014

Excerpts from the contents: Travel agencies, websites or price camparison platforms: Where are the flights actually booked that are ordered at AERTiCKET? - Globalisation of the travel market: Access to fares worldwide

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Annual Report 2013

Excerpts from the contents: The secret of our success: Being different than others - Our shareholders: Who owns AERTiCKET? - Our employees: We are AERTiCKET

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Annual Report 2012

Excerpts from the contents: AERTiCKET celebrates it's 20th birthday - Our shareholders: Who owns AERTiCKET? - Our story: From Kreuzberg to the rest of the world - Our employees: We are AERTiCKET

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Annual report 2011

Excerpts from the contents: Redevelopment and renovation at AERTiCKET - Let the sunshine in: we’re generating our own electricity - Kreuzkölln: in the heart of Berlin

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Annual report 2010

Excerpts from the contents: Airline market in transition: The increasing consolidation in the aviation sector and the huge changes in the sales strategies of the airlines is a challenge for our business -In competition with the internet: How AERTiCKET is making itself and it's customers competitive - Vision and team spirit: It all depends on having the right mix

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Annual report 2009

Excerpts from the contents: Explorer Fernreisen is a successful tour operator concept of AERTiCKET - only future orientated technologies can resist the various changes in travel industry - Picasso Travel: Air ticket wholesaler international - Challenging and supporting: Facilitating change at AERTiCKET

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Annual report 2008

Excerpts from the contents: Extension and internationalization of our core business: Extension of the Ethnic Travel business sector; acquisition of shares in the US consolidator Picasso and participation in the successful travel tour operator Explorer Fernreisen; new shareholder: Raiffeisen-Volksbank Altötting-Mühldorf – sustainability leads to success  

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