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Claudia Bauer

Claudia has been in the travel industry for over 25 years. She is a flight specialist and knows both sides of the business: she has been working at the counter in a travel agency as well as in our support team. Her strength is flexibility, friendliness and patience. 

Her motto: "If you want something, you'll find a way. If you don't, you'll find reasons."

Olaf Bormann

Olaf has been working at AERTiCKET for 15 years. He joined us in 2002 as an apprentice and, after completing his training, started working in ticketing. In addition to having technical expertise and specialist knowledge, Olaf loves to talk and explain things. That makes him a very popular instructor.

Antje Lehmann

Antje has been with AERTiCKET for 21 years and has been working in the travel industry for 45 years. Despite the many changes our business has gone through in the last years, she loves her job and is happy to help with words and deeds. There are no unsolvable problems for her.

Antje conducts the trainings with a lot of competence and knowledge, and the questions and needs of the agencies and end customers are always close to her heart.


Uwe Nickelmann

Uwe has been with AERTiCKET for nearly 30 years. During this time he has worked in practically every department. His knowledge of air fares and the Amadeus reservation system is valued by colleagues and customers alike.

Today, Uwe is the head of training at AERTiCKET. He looks after our junior staff with a lot of dedication and enthusiasm.

Constance Schreiber

Constance has been working in the travel industry for 18 years and has been with AERTiCKET for two years in the marketing department as Event Manager and organizing Famtrips.

Among other things, she is in charge of the webinars of our airline partners, in which they provide our travel agencies with the latest information and are happy to answer questions and receive suggestions.

Our sales team 

Andreas Voigt, Dorian Paris, Manuela Tsoukalis-Gricar, Manja Adler, Nike Jäger, Silke Blume, Steven Hein, Thomas Wiese and Ulrike Härtel from the AERTiCKET sales team look forward to providing you with a concise and entertaining explanation of the most important updates in the AERTiCKET and airline world.

Marion Zehrer

Marion has been with AERTiCKET since 2007. Her focus is on refunds. She enthusiastically passes on her practical experience from day-to-day business and her comprehensive knowledge of Sabre to you in 2-day on-site training sessions in Berlin.